The Female Orgasm – Ashayia Lucia

Another fresh week and time to see a new scene featuring the female orgasm once more. For this one we have an especially hot and sexy lady that wants to show you how she gets off and her name is Ashayia Lucia. She’s sure to become part of your fantasies after you get to see her in action and it’s just beautiful to watch her in action today. Let’s not delay as we know and bet that you want to see her get to the good stuff already and be sure that there’s plenty of that to go around in her lovely scene here. So with that being said, let’s get right to the meat of the action and see Lucia fingering herself to orgasm this fine afternoon shall we?


One thing that you need to know about her is that when she starts to go, nothing will stop her from having her desired orgasm. So yeah, she gets to undress here first and foremost as she takes her spot on the bed and once there, you can see her spread those legs for you. As soon as her atk natural and hairy scene gets going properly she just starts to tease her sweet pussy. Watch her start slowly with just some rubbing, but pretty soon you can see her masturbating furiously and experiencing quite the orgasm too. She had lots of fun doing this today of course and she knows that you had fun seeing her too. Enjoy and see you soon!

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